Ports Connection refused Inbound tcp connection

July 17, 2017

server.xml or standalone.xml for http interface binding.
Check iptables : iptables -l -n
Firewalld (service off)
check host to ip mapping : etc/hosts


Port scanning linux ,open a port

March 23, 2017

nc -l portnumber
netstat -tulpn portno –> to check pid of process

add repository ubuntu

January 7, 2016

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

js html element binding

October 7, 2015


JS action handler
$scope.refresh = function() {
$log.log(“fromDate: ” + $scope.fromDate);
$log.log(“toDate: ” + $scope.toDate);

Equals Method java Ex..

September 9, 2014

public Class Student{

private int ssn;

private String name;

Getters and Setters followed by


@Override public boolean equals(Object o){

//reference comparison

if(o == this) return true;

//deep comparison

else if((o instanceOf  Student) && o.ssn== this.ssn && 0.name.equalsIngnoreCase(this.name))

return true;

else return false;}




Adding a Repo in the Ubuntu using cmd terminal

February 7, 2013

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

Websphere Heap Dump from cmd util wsadmin

January 27, 2012
set objectName [$AdminControl queryNames
 Get this info Server name and Node name from Admin console
$AdminControl invoke $objectName generateHeapDump 12:28:01 PM

Weblogic eclipse integration tutorial

February 10, 2011


JPA tutorial From Sun

February 2, 2011




JPA 101 nice clarification of core concepts of JPA :


internship side projects

February 1, 2011